What Students Say

“Marianna brings to the table advanced insight, wisdom and expertise. As a colleague, and recipient of her coaching, she has enabled me to bring to the surface thinking and solutions that were stuck deep in my mind and otherwise consumed by “day to day” life. Marianna speaks with purpose and clarity, with each and every word counting towards navigating the client through their thoughts, which is the ultimate spirit of coaching. Her questions are pivotal, and she has found a way to translate this talent into an outstanding class modality. As an experienced coach and OD practitioner I would put both my personal and professional reputation behind this class.”
— Jennifer F. Muccioli, MBA, Director, Development Coach, Ernst & Young, Goal Imagery® Coach & Alumni

“A passionate teacher, Marianna inspires her students to help transform the lives of their clients through coaching. She is inventive, insightful, and dedicated to her students. She also makes the learning process fun.”
— Nancy Ancowitz, Business Communication Coach and Author of Self-Promotion for Introverts®

“Marianna’s Life/Career Coaching class at Goal Imagery Institute is a life changing experience. She made the learning process fun, creative and enjoyable. Her vast knowledge and expertise is passed on to her students with such enthusiasm that it is contagious! My life is much richer and fuller since completing her course. The knowledge and confidence I have gained from her has transformed my life. I highly recommend Dr. Lead and I am sure you will enjoy working with her as well.”

— Carol Maglio, Co-Author of “HEALTH in Balance” cook book series, Goal Imagery® Coach & Alumni

“I just completed Marianna Lead’s 6-month Coach Training Program, and offer the following feedback: “You [Marianna] have been such an amazing teacher and mentor! Thank you for all the time and effort you’ve put into our class and the vast amount of information you’ve shared with us. Teaching us at the master level is brilliant, and adds tremendous value to our training. I would highly recommend you to others who want to go through the ICF certification training program.”

— Audie Fridstein, Global, National & Named Accounts Sales Hunter, Goal Imagery® Coach & Alumni

“6 months ago, I was evaluating the pros and cons of various coaching programs… I couldn’t have made a better choice when it comes to a coaching teacher and mentor! Marianna is knowledgeable, passionate, intuitive and funny. In her class, you don’t just learn core competencies, you learn how to coach effectively and you learn a breadth of supplemental information that will help you hone in on your niche. Not only that, she is also an ICF assessor. You will be trained by someone who evaluates coaches on a daily basis and is passionate about bringing out the best in her students.”
— Kay Fudala,  Goal Imagery® Coach & Alumni

“Marianna creates a warm, friendly, nurturing environment for her coaching classes.  In a short time you cover a lot of diverse material, and Marianna makes that all manageable.  She explains things clearly and thoroughly.  A big part of the class is practicing sessions and you want as much experience as you can get, even if at first you feel hesitant and unsure.  Marianna moves you into the process gradually and with lots of encouragement and instruction so that everything is workable and enjoyable.  Marianna has a wonderful sense of humor and an ability to roll with whatever students need in the moment.  The teleconference class format worked well for me.  I much prefer being on my couch listening and learning than traveling and then sitting on a hard classroom chair.  If you want to enter the coaching profession, Marianna provides an excellent way to achieve that goal.”
— Carol Mischke, Spiritual Counselor & Hypnotist, Goal Imagery® Coach & Alumni

“I am about 33% through the program and I couldn’t be more pleased or excited to be working with Marianna. She is a masterful coach in every sense of the word with a caring heart as well. I highly recommend Marianna as a talented coach, as an instructor, and as a compassionate soul.”

— Bob Barry, Owner and Coach at On Point Coaching Solutions and Senior Career Consultant

“Marianna Lead is an awesome teacher. She is very thorough in her teaching and very personable. I enjoyed taking her coaching course immensely. I feel I got so much out of the course and that she went above and beyond what was promised for the course. I highly recommend her courses to anyone interested in getting all they could hope for in a class, as a student, colleague and beyond. Thank you for everything.”
— Mary Ann Reis, Life Coach/ Founder of “Turn About Life Coaching”, Goal Imagery® Coach & Alumni

“Marianna is a great coach mentor and coach trainer. Her feedback is insightful, well articulated and, when warranted, critical, yet kind and constructive. I always enjoy her sense of humor and warmth which makes working with her a pleasure. I took her Coach Training Program and loved it so much that I had my daughter take it the next time Marianna offered it. It’s extremely comprehensive and different from anything else I have taken.”
— Carol Mischke, Goal Imagery® Coach & Alumni

“Thank you so much for your wonderful mentoring… from 2011 through 2014. 
My initial need was geared to ICF recertification, but as we worked together, I was deeply impressed with both your knowledge and teaching methods. Each year, your sessions are delivered better and better, and now you are the best! Clear recognition of your impressive knowledge has been demonstrated this year through achievement of the prestigious MCC credential. Congratulations – and I look forward to many more meaningful hours of working with you!”

— Linda Yost, MA, ACC, GPHR, President at Human Resource Directions

“Marianna, I wanted you to know how much I have enjoyed your Coach Training Course. Your teaching style makes this class not only educational but fun, as well. At the end of this training I know that I am well qualified and confident to be an excellent Coach myself. I would recommend your class to anyone who wants to earn their Coaching Certification from the best.”
— Sherrie E. Austin, Certified Hypnotist & Educator, Goal Imagery® Coach & Alumni

“Marianna Lead is a coach, a teacher and a professional with high energy who spends unreservedly in guiding her students toward a personal style of coaching and high quality increasingly challenging…Throughout the course (she was) providing positive feedback on what worked and at the same time guiding us step by step to try coaching skills that we still needed to learn… I feel that working with her has enriched me a lot.” 

— Chiara Cacchi, Responsabile Gestione Formazione e Sviluppo del Personale presso Coni Servizi S.p.A., Goal Imagery® Coach & Alumni

“Just finished my coaching program with Marianna Lead and Goal Imagery Institute and would like to share my experience. After six months of class I am very confident in my ability as a coach because of Marianna. I absolutely loved this class and learned so much, not only about coaching but also about myself. The passion Marianna brings to her classes really rubbed off on me. She is direct, honest, enthusiastic, caring, passionate, tough, fair and funny. Laughter and a sense of humor are a big part of her class. She is open to suggestions and always there for you. The homework was a perfect amount of variety week to week and never boring. Thank you Marianna for a really wonderful learning experience!!”

— Denise McCanles, ACC, Goal Imagery® Coach & Alumni

“I enrolled in The Goal imagery Institute coach training in the Spring of 2011. I had to drop out because of an unexpected major move across the country. Not only was I not charged anything extra to pick up where I left off (which is unheard of these days) but I was welcomed back with open arms and was briefed in to what I missed. This spoke volumes about the integrity of Dr. Lead. I have spent over twenty plus years in the personal performance arena and have taken many courses in the interim. Always walking away with something, but always a feeling of needing more. For the first time ever, I do not had that feeling after the course completion. Goal Imagery left no hidden corners or loose ends. To say that Dr. lead was thorough is an understatement. Her teaching modality is one of compassion, humor, and challenging as well. The depth Dr Lead will go to so you will walk away with a clear understanding in my opinion is second to none. If you are a therapist, counselor, already a coach, and still looking to fill the in the “missing pieces” I highly recommend you take Marianna Lead’s Goal Imagery. She just may be Socrates reincarnated.”

— Ray Williams, Hypnotist, Goal Imagery® Coach & Alumni

“I chose to study Life Coaching at Goal Imagery Institute for a number of reasons, yes, it was affordable and ICF accredited, but Marianna’s approach is also very practical and down to earth. This is coaching for everyone, for real life, and each student decides how they will apply their knowledge. They can take their skills anywhere.”

Santina Devine, Goal Imagery® Coach & Alumni

“It has been a great journey.  I learned a great deal about coaching and about myself.  Thank you for your dedication.”

— Lawrence O’Brien, Goal Imagery® Coach & Alumni

“I just wanted to say a huge thank you. This class was and will continue to be life changing not only for me but for what I hope to be many clients in the future. I enjoyed it a great deal and looked forward to every monday evening. Again, thank you.”

— Rob Martel, Law Enforcement, Goal Imagery® Coach & Alumni

“I learned so much in Marianna’s class.  She makes the coaching process very clear and focused.  The exercises and live coaching gave me tools I began using immediately in my practice.  She is very organized, concise, handles questions and discussions with great expertise and gives you the feeling of being part of a supportive environment.  I recommend her work enthusiastically.”
— Oscar Gillespei, Ph.D. (attended “Coaching Skills for Holistic Practitioners” course)

“I was thoroughly impressed with the knowledge Marianna shared with us and her expertise in the field. I am already incorporating some of the tools she taught us to expand my practice. These techniques can really help clients improve in all areas of their lives. I highly recommend her course to anyone who is interested in including coaching skills into their practice. Thanks, Marianna.”
— Lynn Whitmire (attended “Coaching Skills for Holistic Practitioners” course)

“Thank you for everything you put into this offering. I thoroughly appreciate all of your effort, experience and skill.”
— Andrea Kremko (attended “Coaching Skills for Holistic Practitioners” course)

“I really enjoyed taking this course and I am looking forward to using the techniques I learned in my practice. Thank you.”
— Louise Klimczak (attended “Coaching Skills for Holistic Practitioners” course)

“I want to thank you for a really life-changing class! … you made it even more so by injecting great fun and personal experience…Marianna, I have to say that I’m enjoying every part of what you’re doing. .. Every area of my life is being affected by this class. Just this morning, I didn’t react to something, thinking how else I could see this, and it averted a misunderstanding. I’m using the tools in my personal & business conversations, this is changing my experiences dramatically & dynamically. I feel more empowered with these tools to create what I really want…I’ve been using these tools in every area of my life and they’re really working! Very powerful stuff…Thank you…”
— Marie Maybury  (Attended Interpersonal Communication Skills in Human Resource Management Certification Program at NYU)

“… I’m really enjoying your class! The tools I’m learning are helping me be more present and aware in conversations both business & personal.”
— Nancy Polstein  (Attended Interpersonal Communication Skills in Human Resource Management Certification Program at NYU)

“I had a chance to practice the ‘goal imagery’ exercise that you showed us last week and it worked surprisingly well. I am still using many of the techniques we discussed in class and they are all giving me a better grasp and more control over of what I am doing.”
— Mike Stanton  (Attended Interpersonal Communication Skills in Human Resource Management Certification Program at NYU)

“I have appreciated your approach to hypnosis, rational and not a “mystical” one. I have appreciated your spontaneous, natural behavior, your knowledge on the topics related to hypnosis and psychology. I enjoyed the class very much and I’d like to thank you with all my heart.”
— Elzbieta Tracewicz, Ph.D., Licensed Psychologist (attended hypnosis certification workshop)

“Marianna is masterful at what she does…I highly recommend her workshop for all people both interested in learning about hypnosis and those who want to become professionals and assist in healing people.”
— Ira Dressner, Ph.D., Licensed Psychologist and the Founder of ICF-NYC (attended hypnosis certification workshop)

“I have had a pleasure of taking several classes with Marianna. She did an excellent job presenting information in a clear, engaging and accessible manner. In addition, Marianna was able to present an incredible amount of information within a limited time frame, while succeeding in ensuring sufficient practice. Even now, several years later, I am still able to recall most of the information that she presented! I would strongly recommend her as a talented instructor, as well as a warm and supportive mentor.”
— Marina Shikhman, Social Worker and Researcher (attended various hypnosis workshops)

“Marianna, just wanted to take a moment to thank you for all of the wonderful work you have done in the past and continue to do at NYU’s School of Continuing and Professional Studies’ Center for Career Education and Life Planning. Your consistently good evaluations from your students is proof positive of commitment and dedication to adult learning. With such courses as, “Introduction to Self-Hypnosis”, “Find Your Inner Life Coach”, “Goal Imagery”, and “Happy at Last: Attracting a Healthy Love Relationship” — you have created a cadre of course offerings unmatched by other adult learning institutions and centers in New York City. Thank you for your time, energy, and insight into the adult learning world — and keep up the good work! Again, many thanks.”
— Dean Williamson, Director, New York University, School of Continuing and Professional Studies

“ I enjoyed Marianna’s class tremendously, and she has continued to be source of inspiration and motivation to me for my career. Marianna is an exceptional professor and coach who is very passionate about her field. She is very engaging, personable, and goes above and beyond to ensure her students benefit from the class material and exercises done. The class was very fun and interactive, and I learned a lot regarding effective coaching, networking and communication techniques; it added much value and the lessons learned have made me a better person, both professionally and personally. The remarkable thing about Marianna is that she truly cares about her students and clients, wants them to be they can possibly be and invests much time in helping them meet their goals. I highly recommend her as a professor, coach and mentor.”
— Lorelle Nevils  (Attended Interpersonal Communication Skills in Human Resource Management Certification Program at NYU)

“Marianna is dynamic and provides great value. She is truly inspirational and has motivated me and many of us to achieve much more than we would have ever thought possible.”
— Barbara Kushner, MD (Attended Interpersonal Communication Skills in Human Resource Management Certification Program at NYU)

“Marianna is exceptional in teaching hypnosis. Her course changed my life. It not only changed the way I think and feel but it also changed the relationship I have with and to other people. It deepened my understanding of communication as well as empathy. Everything Marianna taught me will only help me become a better student of life as well as further my studies of becoming a Social Worker, Counselor, and Hypnotherapist. Thank You for teaching this valuable course. You are an amazing teacher and I feel blessed to be a part of the journey.”
— Heike Zelnhefer, MSW (attended hypnosis certification workshops)

“Marianna is a wonderful teacher, hypnotherapist, and public speaker – I can not recommend her highly enough. Though I have only known her since last year it feels like we have studied and worked together for decades already, and perhaps that is a good omen, smiles, as I look forward to doing so in the future…”
— Michelle Devol (attended hypnosis certification workshop)

“… Marianna demonstrated tremendous enthusiasm, drive and foresight. Her energy is unflagging and her commitment to her field is unwavering. Marianna is one of the most professional, effective and hard working coaches I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. Marianna is extremely knowledgeable about her business and she also cares deeply about those with whom she works with~clients, peers students and colleagues. Marianna is committed and disciplined with admirable integrity. She is a passionate connector and a true professional in her unique approach. I am so fortunate to have her as one of my trusted colleagues. Her ability to create excitement, positive energy and think outside the box are some of her greatest qualities. Marianna is a class act and gem!”
— Irene M. Porto, MBA, President/Founder/Professional Recruitment, Career Integrity Recruitment and Coaching  (Attended Interpersonal Communication Skills in Human Resource Management Certification Program at NYU)

“Marianna … was an excellent trainer and teacher. Her class was very engaging and experiential.”
— Diana McCray (attended hypnosis certification workshop)

“Marianna is a wonderful teacher, she has great insight, understands people and how they think and learn. One of the best, I don’t hesitate to recommend her.”
— Bonnie Howard Howell, PhD, Health Care Consultant & Contractor, President & CEO of Bonnie Howell Group (attended hypnosis certification workshop)

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