What is Goal Imagery®?

About Goal Imagery® 

Goal Imagery®  method was created by Marianna Lead in 1998. This method stresses the importance of giving equal attention to thinking, feeling, being, and doing — while helping you discover the path you were meant to follow — for your personal growth as well as your professional success.

Goal Imagery® helps organizations and individuals achieve their goals quicker and easier by tapping the subconscious  power of emotions and imagination. It utilizes a unique combination of subconscious (visualization, meditation, self-hypnosis, etc.) and conscious techniques (analyzing, goal setting, planning, etc.) while blending concepts from many holistic modalities (i.e. positive psychology, emotional intelligence, mind-body wellness, etc.) to synergize our conscious goals, our subconscious needs and our true, authentic core of being.

Goal Imagery® takes into account the fact that most of our present and future challenges are based on our past experiences, culture, and the way we were brought up. Goal Imagery® provides the tools to re-evaluate, re-adjust and reframe past experiences to make achieving success and happiness easier in the future.

For individuals: Goal Imagery will help you clarify your goals, get truly inspired, and create a step-by-step action plan to achieve them.

For organizations: each Goal Imagery® program is custom-designed to fit a specific set of circumstances, environment and organizational culture.

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