Tapping the Transformational Power of Words & Images

Marianna Lead speaks on a wide variety of subjects – offering powerful and practical ways to utilize the subconscious power of emotions and imagination on both a personal and organizational level.
Tools/Methods: Goal Imagery® with other goal setting and visualization techniques, assessments (personality, behavior, character strengths, and more), Meta Model exercises and NLP techniques, Brain Mapping, creative brainstorming, improvisation exercises, Progressive Relaxation, self-hypnosis, appreciative inquiry, and other techniques based in EQ (emotional intelligence) concepts, positive psychology, and the latest research in neuroscience about human behavior and decision-making process.
Format: 30-90 minutes Keynote/General Sessions; 2-4 hour Workshops, 2-3 day Workshops/Seminars, Certification Training Programs, and more. All workshops/seminars are customized to fit the needs of your organization.
  • Goal Imagery® – the Shortest Distance between You and Your Goals
  • Find Your Inner Life & Career Coach
  • Crucial Conversations Made Fail-Proof  (Interpersonal Communication Skills)
  • Introduction to Hypnosis and Self-Hypnosis
  • Hypnosis Training
  • Introduction to Coaching
  • Coach Training (including creating internal coaching programs)
  • Leadership, Interpersonal and Presentation Skills
  • Programs for Women in Leadership
  • Stress Management
  • Creative Team-building
  • Productivity and Peak Performance
  • Laughter as a Life Skill
  • Programs for Health Care Professionals
  • Programs for Performing Artists
  • Health & Mind-Body Fitness

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