Programs for Medical Professionals

Clinical Hypnosis in Mind-Body Healing

In this presentation you will discover the various applications of hypnosis in mind-body healing. You will explore the role of the subconscious in healing and the psychology of suggestions. as well as learn about suggestibility tests, how to hypnotize, and the signs and effects of hypnosis. You will also learn about effective imagery and hypnotic suggestions for pain management, stress management, sleep disorders, and much more. By request, this workshop can include and/or focus on a specific application of hypnosis (dentistry, oncology, allergies/asthma, obstetrics/gynecology, etc.) This practical course is taught by Marianna and includes many demonstrations and hands-on experience.

Stress Management for Medical Professionals

People in helping and healing professions tend to overlook their own health and stress levels, as they are often too busy helping those in need.  By learning to successfully manage your own stress, you will feel better, and as a result, you will have more energy and patience to help others.  You will learn how to respond when a stressful situation may not change; how to use strategies for redirecting your stress and becoming more productive; how to access your inner resources to attain better health; and how to develop skills that will keep stress in check. You will also learn how to design a personalized stress management program.  Practical, fun, informative and interactive.

Building a High-Performance Leadership Hospital Team

This presentation introduces  Goal Imagery skills for creating organizational effectiveness, improving organizational culture, team building, better communication skills and workplace coaching. By request, this workshop can include and/or focus on a specific topic that your hospital may find beneficial  (i.e. improving communication skills with your patients, their visitors, and making even difficult workplace relationships better).

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