Overview of Programs

  • Health & Mind-Body Fitness
    • Releasing Weight & Getting Fit with Goal Imagery®
    • Becoming a Non- Smoker
    • Managing Stress and Finding Inner Peace
    • Improving Memory and Learning Abilities
    • Pain Management with Goal Imagery®
    • Boosting Your Immune System
    • Improving Athletic Performance
    • Enhancing Your Yoga Practice
  • Personal & Professional Development
    • Goal Imagery® – the Shortest Distance between You and Your Goal
    • Finding Your Inner Life Coach with Goal Imagery®
    • Finding Your Inner Career Coach with Goal Imagery®
    • Creating Happiness in Your Life
    • Re-launching Your Life: From Fear to Success with Goal Imagery®
    • Laughter as a Life Skill
    • Creating Your Future with Goal Imagery®
    • Freeing Your Creativity with Goal Imagery®
    • Creating Happiness in Your Life
    • Attracting a Healthy Love Relationship
    • Creating Meaningful Conversations & Improving Relationships
    • Conquering Stage Fright
    • Presentation Skills: It’s not What You Say; It’s How You Say It
    • Programs for Health Care Professionals
    • Programs for Performing Artists
    • Hypnosis Training Programs
    • Coach (Life, Career, Organizational) Training Programs

All workshops are customized to fit the needs of your group/organization and can be presented in a variety of formats: 30-90 minute keynotes/general sessions; 2-4 hour workshops, 1-3 day workshops/seminars, and longer programs with a focus on practicing the skills learned. All workshops are based on Goal Imagery® principles.

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