Coach Mentoring


Prerequisite: Completion of the first 6-month ACSTH Holistic Life, Career & Executive Coach Training at Goal Imagery Institute or comparable coach training program.

Course Overview: This course provides group and individual mentoring by Goal Imagery Founder / Executive Director, Marianna Lead, a Master Certified Coach, ICF Assessor, and former Adjunct Professor of Coaching at New York University.

You’ll receive detailed feedback on every ICF core coaching competency and overall performance, with specific suggestions to make your coaching more effective and masterful. You’ll also receive step-by-step guidance and forms to help you navigate the entire ICF application & credentialing process. (MP3 recordings of your coaching sessions may be provided at your request.)

According to ICF regulations, the course hours can’t be counted as both training and mentoring hours. Since this course is 100% focused on mentoring and coaching supervision, you can use the course hours (in terms of documentation/school’s certificate) as you need them — for training, mentoring or towards obtaining your ACTP certificate.

This course can be used to:

1. RECEIVE YOUR ACTP CERTIFICATE— so that you can apply for your ACC or PCC credential via the ACTP pathway.

  • Registration fee: $100
  • Tuition: $2397 (payment plans available, no deposit required).
  • Course includes 44 live hours of training— adding up to 53 SCTH (specific coach training hours) or mentoring hours.
  • At Goal Imagery Institute’s discretion, some credits may be applied from another coach training program for ACTP certificate.
  • Individuals working towards their ACTP certificate must take the full 53 SCTH Advanced Mentoring & Coaching Supervision course. (Additional hours of mentoring and/or training will be made available as needed at a prorated tuition cost.)

2. RENEW ANY CREDENTIAL — by obtaining the exact number of training hours as needed for your renewal. Tuition will be prorated according to the amount of hours needed.

3. RECEIVE 10 HOURS OF MENTORING required by ICF for obtaining a credential.

  • Tuition: $999 (payment plans available).
  • 10 hours include 3 individual 1-hour mentoring sessions PLUS 3 extra group mentoring hours at no additional charge!
  • You may coach clients in real time (either supplied by you or Marianna) in class — or supply a recording of your coaching for Marianna’s evaluation.

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